Our Aussie Dogs

Jake and Frosty haven’t specifically been tested for traits that parentage are clear.  We will do OFA hip ratings as soon as have the extra funds.  Jake and Frosty’s parents have been tested for the HSF-4 gene that causes most of the hereditary cataracts in Aussies and ALL ARE n/n CLEAR FOR THE HSF-4 GENE. That means ALL Jake and Frosty and therefore their puppies will be HSF-4 clear by parentage.  All parentage is also MDR1 normal/normal.
“Oz” (Wildwest Wizard …) Oz’s Pedigree
He is rated OFA EXCELLENT for hips! Genetically tested CLEAR for HSF-4 hereditary cataracts, CEA/CH Collie Eye Anomaly, PRA Progressive Retinal Atrophy and MDR1 normal/normal. He is ASCA and AKC registered and red factored! He is out of a titled dam and he’s the grandson of HALL OF FAME Sire #134 Ch Starstuff’s Still Crazy CD, STDsd, CGC. Oz has two daughters with over 1000 agility points and advanced titles including an Agility Trial Champion “Sugar” and USDAA Agility Dog Champion Masters level “Sissy”. He has produced at least 4 dogs that have qualified for USDAA and/or ASCA Nationals! As well as two agility champions he has at least 8 pups with titles and more starting to compete!
Jake’s Dam: “Darra” (Sunny J Aladarra …) Darra’s Pedigree
She is a black bi female working dog bred and by International Champion Sir Santo Fairoaks Bluegrass. She is named after her maternal grandsire International Champion Fairoaks Aladar! She has a daughter with Oz who is an Agility Trial Champion and others competing. She is red factored! Genetically tested CLEAR for HSF-4 hereditary cataracts and MDR1 normal/normal.
Frosty’s Dam: “Tric” (Tri Oaks Rockin Sound of Tantric) Tric’s Pedigree
She is a big red tricolor female working dog bred top and bottom and the granddaughter of a WTCH (Working Trial Champion). She is Hall Of Fame kennel Soundtracks bred on top and Hall of Fame Twin Oaks on the bottom with Working Trial Champion lines! OFA Good and Genetically tested CLEAR for HSF-4 hereditary cataracts and MDR1 normal/normal.
We have recently brought into our family “Jack”, a 4 year old blue merle tri male with red-factor.  He has a great pedigree with many Hall of Fame kennel working dogs such as  Pincie Creek, Slash V, Hangin’ Tree,  Las Rocosa and others in his pedigee.  Jack’s Pedigree and photos
Our dogs are all FAMILY and working dogs. We have children from 2, 5, 8, 11 and 18.  The 2 year old girl leads them both around by the collar.   Jake is annoyingly the friendliest dog to the world we have ever had. :) Frosty belongs to and sleeps with our 11 year old son.  She is protective like we like while all loving to family.  The puppies are already well children handled since birth (not allowed to terrorize or hurt) and will continue to be.   From the feedback we have received our pups have been awesome companions with both adults and children.  Someone came back twice that bought a pup from us then later a pup out a Jake and someone else female that was not kid socialized and liked the one from our family much better

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