The Great Eight Catahoula Hound Cattle Dog Puppies!


Wow!  They did it again with a beautiful set of puppies.


The first litter was so wonderful, just had to repeat while the old man still can.  Lacey escaped the barn we set up for her to have pups Friday evening, August 1st and we didn’t find her.  We looked again the next morning almost giving up when Angel heard puppy noises!  Lacey had dug a previously started den into the side of a hill across from the goats.  Whew!  We had to dig the opening of the den back to be able to reach in and get them all out.

Here are the puppies, 5 males and 3 females:

UPDATE 8/28/2014:
Videos of pups at 4 weeks: Video #1  Video #2 Video #3 Video #4

All pups have baby blue eyes.  None dark to believe they will be brown.  These baby blues can change to yellow/amber or green or combination as they mature even over 3 months old based on last litter.  Some eyes lighter than others but not significantly different.

M1 (Male 1) is a beautiful shiny silver.  He has black spots just visible underneath the shiny silver coat. “Tri” copper markings.

M2 (Male 2) is a diluted looking shiny silvery looking blue.  Pale blue with dark spots of varying darkness with light “tri” copper markings.

M3/ and M4 were originally labeled  reversed but I called them in reverse in video so easier rename them here just in backwards number order. :)

M4 (Male 4)  Beautiful patchwork each unique in varying shades of blue, so pay attention on who is who! :)  He is the one with the long dark patch on end of tail with white tip.

M3 (Male 3) More beautiful unique patchwork of varying shades of blue. Faint “tri’ copper markings.

M5 (Male 5) Various shades of red with white patchwork. Tiny spots within the white.  Find myself calling him Choco already. :)  I cannot tell if “tri” markings.  Looking like brindling within his medium red.

F1 (Female 1) Dark Blue with black spots with “tri” cooper markings.  This is a big girl at birth. Newborn pictures make look reddish but definitely blue.

F2 (Female 2) More patchwork with blue of varying shades.  Definitely with “tri” copper markings.

F3 (Female 3)  This baby girl is also patchwork of varying shades of blue. Faint or no “tri” copper markings.