The Great Eight Catahoula Hound Cattle Dog Puppies!


Wow!  They did it again with a beautiful set of puppies.


The first litter was so wonderful, just had to repeat while the old man still can.  Lacey escaped the barn we set up for her to have pups Friday evening, August 1st and we didn’t find her.  We looked again the next morning almost giving up when Angel heard puppy noises!  Lacey had dug a previously started den into the side of a hill across from the goats.  Whew!  We had to dig the opening of the den back to be able to reach in and get them all out.

Here are the puppies, 5 males and 3 females:

UPDATE 8/28/2014:
Videos of pups at 4 weeks: Video #1  Video #2 Video #3 Video #4

All pups have baby blue eyes.  None dark to believe they will be brown.  These baby blues can change to yellow/amber or green or combination as they mature even over 3 months old based on last litter.  Some eyes lighter than others but not significantly different.

M1 (Male 1) is a beautiful shiny silver.  He has black spots just visible underneath the shiny silver coat. “Tri” copper markings.

M2 (Male 2) is a diluted looking shiny silvery looking blue.  Pale blue with dark spots of varying darkness with light “tri” copper markings.

M3/ and M4 were originally labeled  reversed but I called them in reverse in video so easier rename them here just in backwards number order. :)

M4 (Male 4)  Beautiful patchwork each unique in varying shades of blue, so pay attention on who is who! :)  He is the one with the long dark patch on end of tail with white tip.

M3 (Male 3) More beautiful unique patchwork of varying shades of blue. Faint “tri’ copper markings.

M5 (Male 5) Various shades of red with white patchwork. Tiny spots within the white.  Find myself calling him Choco already. :)  I cannot tell if “tri” markings.  Looking like brindling within his medium red.

F1 (Female 1) Dark Blue with black spots with “tri” cooper markings.  This is a big girl at birth. Newborn pictures make look reddish but definitely blue.

F2 (Female 2) More patchwork with blue of varying shades.  Definitely with “tri” copper markings.

F3 (Female 3)  This baby girl is also patchwork of varying shades of blue. Faint or no “tri” copper markings.


Jake and Frosty’s Perfect 7 Australian Shepherd puppies

Frosty with her Perfect 7 Aussie pups

Frosty with her Perfect 7 Aussie pups

They are beautiful.  On 3/26/2014, Frosty gave birth to a perfect 7.  These perfect Aussie pups are sired by Fairockin CCHeart Jake [ASCA DNA verified parentage/AKC/ASDR registered] and dam is Fairockin Quirts Frosty [ASCA DNA verified parentage/AKC registered]. Jake and Frosty are working dogs used on a real life cattle ranch is wide open ranges.  Jake has decided he is a head dog (probably because raised with the Catahoulas) and Frosty is a strong force from behind.  They are amazing family and work dogs. Below is the status and pictures of each pup:

Don’t see what you want available, please contact to be added to waiting list. New breeding pair being added to family will make reds/red merles a possibility within the next year. :)

*FBB aka Daddy’s Girl  Available
*MBB aka Tuck ADOPTED – Arizona
*FBMT1 aka Queenie  ADOPTED – Arizona
*FBMT2 aka Missy now Piper ADOPTED – Arizona
*FMBT 3 aka Miss Two Face now Esme – ADOPTED – Connecticut
*MBMT1 aka Buddy ADOPTED – Colorado moving to AZ
*MBMT2 aka Mr Clean ADOPTED- Washington for Agility/Family

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Deposits are being taken to reserve.  They will be 8 weeks 5/21/2014.  Check out our “About CC Heart Ranch Australian Shepherds” page for contact form.   I look forward to sharing our family with yours.  Additional photos and videos will come as pups get older.

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Jake and FrostyUPDATES: Added a few more photos (above).  More videos links of puppies at 6 weeks old (added below).

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UPDATES: 5/7/2014 Added a few more photos (above).  More videos links of puppies at 6 weeks old (added below).

Jake and Frosty’s Aussie Pups at Play at 6 weeksAlert icon
Aussie Pups Feeding at 6 weeksAlert icon
Aussie Pups Missy and Tuck “ruff” housing at 6 weeks Video #1

4/25/2014 More photos added at 4 weeks old!  More video links added below will open in new window (at least on my end they do):

Aussie pups after a bath
Buddy racing to the bar with Queenie, Bar already closed :)
Aussie pup Daddys Girl/Miss Jake 2 at play with 5 year old
Aussie pup Daddys Girl terrorizing sis Missy
Aussie pup Miss Two Face ready to play
Aussie pup Miss Two Face on the chase again
Aussie Pups Mr. Clean and Queenie RUFF housing
More RUFF housing with Aussie pups Queenie and Miss Two Face


Catahoula Hound working cattle dogs


All the Australian Shepherd puppies have quickly been reserved well prior to final weaning date and off to the wonderful new homes.

This is a special litter. These adorable and beautiful catahoula hounds are out of several generations of true working dogs used on working cattle ranches.

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Sired by Hawkshaw Hawkins our old semi-retired Catahoula hound. Hawkshaw still wants to work, but he is old and we have to make him stay home on the long rides. The Dam, Lacey, is our daughters Catahoula female off a working cattle ranch in Young, AZ. We didn’t plan any more litters out of him, so this may be his last and they are a dandy bunch.

Our daughter plans on using money on a computer and the family to pay bills.

Born 1/14/2014. Coming 5 weeks, 8 weeks 3/11/2014. Eating well and growing beautifully. Taking deposits to reserve now.

Puppies at the Dinner Bowl

Puppies at Play with Youngest Kids

Heidi & Spot play with Boys

Puppies at Play and Rest 2/21/2014

UPDATE: More photos & videos added March 5th, 2014.  :)  Status of each pup as of March 28th, 2014 (all sold)

Mommas Boy now Scout (male) SOLD Northern Arizona
Ready to Love, Mellow hound that loves to play
pommas Boy YouTube video:
Mommas Boy 3/14/2014 Catahoula Hound puppy
More Mommas Boy pictures:

Mini Tag now Doc (male) SOLD Central Arizona
Ready to Love, Big laid back boy loves following the big dogs
Mini Tab YouTube video:
Mini Tag coming to greet 3/14/2014
More Mini Tag pictures:

Silver & Cream now Arizona(female) SOLD Northern Arizona
Heidi now Alaska (female) SOLD Northern Arizona
Sable Sadey now Sadie (female) SOLD Heart of Texas
Big Red (male) SOLD Northern California
Spot now Amos Moses (male) SOLD Southern California

Thanksgiving Day Aussie pups now almost 6 weeks old


Jake and Sassy’s litter is fun, fat and friendly at 5 1/2 weeks old.  The girls were spoken for before birth and quickly reserved.  The boys are quickly drawing attention. Check out the slideshow stills and then some video fun.

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This video is shows the whole crew.  Australian Shepherd working dog puppies starts with 3 of the girls with one black bi male and then moves to the blue merle males with one black bi female.

5 more short puppy playing videos on YouTube channel CC Heart Ranch Australian Shepherds!

Pups and Kids at play

Australian Shepherd pups.  Blue Merle Male at start, Blue Merle Female giving the cutesy head nods. :)

Australian Shepherd Pups thirsty after hard play with the kids.  The blue merle males and black bi female taking a drink.

These Australian Shepherd Pups are playing it rough.  These are the girls and they are adorable, lovable and tough.  These beautiful girls were spoken for before they were even born.

Our 7 year old son was playing with the Black Bi Male and these two girls insisted they wanted in on the play.  Our 4 year old wants this beautiful boy.  Our boys really love these pups sire, Fairock CCHeart Jake a triple registered Black Bi Australian Shepherd.

Jake’s second litter Aussie pups born THANKSGIVING DAY, November 28th 2013


Fairockin CCHeart Jake has sired another beautiful litter of Australian Shepherds out of ASDR registered “Sassy” owned by Pat Burrow.  Sassy is also a working dog used for real life cattle working on the ranch.  She had seven beautiful puppies: four females – two blue merles, two black bis AND three males – two blue merles, one black bi.

CC Heart Ranch presents Fairockin CCHeart Jake’s first litter


Jake is a beautiful Black Bi Australian Shepherd.  He has proven to be a level headed working dog on cattle (and the goats when we aren’t looking :)) and a genuine ham for attention.  “No Jake is not barking at you to stay away, he is demanding to be pet.”   Though he is officially my husband’s dog, our boys are his toys and he is well loved by all.  We’ve had other want him and try to keep him :)

When all is said and done, Jake will be a triple registered Australian Shepherd with ASCA (Australian Shepherd Club of America), AKC (American Kennel Club) and ASDR (American Stock Dog Registry).

Jake’s first litter sired out of Fairockin Quirts Frosty were born 8/20/2013.  All showed working desire and great companion qualities.

Awesome Australian Shepherd

Awesome Australian Shepherd